Food Grade Colors
Sephcare offers a wide range of food colors, whether natural colors like Turmeric, Carotene, Annatto, Spirulina Blue Color, Beetroot Red Color, Carmine, or synthetic colors like Ponceau 4R, Amaranth, Sunset Yellow, FD&C Pigments, or available Edible Luster Dust, provides color solutions for a wide range of food and beverage categories for Bakery, Beverages, Cereals and Snacks, Confectionery, Dairy, Frozen Desserts, Fruit Prep, Savory, Supplements and more.
Cosmetic Grade Colors
Sephcare Cosmetic Colors are free of harmful impurities and are made for cosmetic applications and are safe to use on lips, eyes, nails, external products, or rinse-off products. Widely used in Hair styling gel, Hair colouring gel, Shower gel, Eye shadow gel, Skin gel, Soaps, Pressed powder, Loose powder, Blusher, Face/body powder, Lipstick, Lip balm, Lip gloss, Lip lacquer, Body lotion, Shampoo, Hair Dye, Nail Polish and more.
Cosmetic Grade Fillers
Sephcare products offer a wide range of cosmetic filler powders, They primarily used in face powders, foundations, blushers and cosmetics used in the area of the eyes such as mascaras, eyeshadows, liners, etc.
Surface treatment of pigments and powders is used to improve performance in a variety of cosmetic formulations. Surface coatings improve skin feel by smoothing the rough pigment surfaces and reducing oil absorption.
Functional Ingredients
Hyaluronic acid has an amazing ability to attract and retain large amounts of water, and carbomers have functions such as thickening, suspending, stabilizing systems, regulating water and active substance release, and they are widely used in cosmetics, personal care products, medicine and other fields.