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Food Grade SC-1105F

Hyaluronic acid
Product name Hyaluronic acid Country of Origin China
CAS No. 9067-32-7 EINECS No. 232-678-0
Molecular Formula (C14H21NO11)n Molecular weight 403.31
Standard In-house Standard Fermentation Origin
Source Fermentation
Appearance White or almost white granular or powder,ordorless.
Purity more than 95.0%
Light transmittance more than 99.0%
Packing 1KG/bag, 25KG/drum,or as per customers required.
Shelf Life 24 Months
Storage Store in cool & dry place,Keep away from strong light and heat.
Grade Food Grade / Cosmetic Grade / Medical Grade
Available molecular weight < 10000 Dalton 10,000~100,000 Dalton 100,000~500,000 Dalton
500,000~1000,000 Dalton 1000,000~1500,000 Dalton 1500,000~2000,000 Dalton
> 2000,000Dalton or as per customers required

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